About Us

Nautikos’ team of licensed yacht brokers offer the best possible in sales, marketing, attention to detail, and follow up with their clients. Each member of the team delivers a specific skill set that enhances the overall client service and performance. Every client receives individual attention and a customized plan of action. Whether buying or selling, we are experts in all types of yacht brokerage transactions. Discover the Nautikos difference.

Consultation When making the decision to purchase a luxury yacht for the first time, or change your existing yacht, the decision to purchase a pre-owned or new build has to be made. Depending on current inventory, desired delivery dates, customizations, or budget; either a pre-owned yacht or a new build may fit your criteria. The Nautikos team will take the time to sit down with you, gather all the pertinent information, and analyze your situation in order to help guide you to the correct decision.

New Construction If you decide new construction is the direction for you, you could not be in better hands. The Nautikos team is equipped with several new construction specialists to help guide you through the exciting process of building a new Yacht, just for you.
Pre-Owned brokerage yachts When looking for a broker to market and sell your boat, look for a proven track record and a solid reputation. The Nautikos Team of professionals has in excess of a combined 50 years of yacht brokerage experience. Plus, our team has an in-house marketing department dedicated to the marketing and sale of each yacht. Each yacht is uniquely branded and has a different marketing plan to ensure we reach the target buyer for your boat.
  • Pricing your boat right The boat you own may represent one of your most significant assets. The Nautikos Team will help you price it accurately with a knowledgeable, personalized market analysis.
  • Preparing your boat Readying your boat for sale is critical and the most overlooked aspect. The boat should be free from clutter and, if possible, have a full detail. We will visit your boat and make recommendations on preparing your boat to list.
  • Reaching the buyer The majority of boat sales start on the internet. We have the internet covered. Our boats are listed on all industry and consumer websites such as Yacht World and Yacht Council, in addition to specialty sites such as our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and customized Email marketing to a targeted group of consumers.
  • Local Through our Yacht Broker & referral network, email marketing, print advertising and more, we reach any local buyer who is likely to purchase your boat.
  • International South Florida is the yachting capital of the United States, some say the world. At the moment, Latin America is the buying capital of the world. Not only do we have offices in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, we also have the largest markets in Central & South America covered with our sister company.
Service and Warranty. We recognize that service is the most important asset of any sales & service organization. The Nautikos Team is committed to excellent service, whether it be warranty work performed after a new boat sale or service work performed on a clients yacht during the normal course of business. Our close relationship with certified technicians, gives us premium access to parts and intellectual property.


Service & Maintenance Programs Delivering hassle-free boating is what we strive for.  As any experienced boater knows, owning a boat comes with the responsibility of scheduled preventative maintenance.  Investing a relatively small amount of money on a regular basis, is the foundation of a pleasurable boating experience. Keeping your boat in tip-top shape not only ensures the highest possible re-sale value of your asset; it is also critical to identifying any deficiencies early and fixing problems before they escalate into something more serious.  Our service and warranty manager will consult with you to create a customized maintenance program for your specific yacht, filling in any gaps you may have in your program. Our plans can range from interior and exterior detailing, to full system checks.  However you decide to handle the preventative maintenance on your boat, make sure you have a plan. Remember the old adage; failing to plan is planning to fail.